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The Rosen Center is located at 979 West Maple Street, adjacent to the Plant Science Building on the Fayetteville campus of the University of Arkansas. The Center maintains a  two-story laboratory, office, conference and classroom building of 19,000 square feet with an additional 13,000 square feet of greenhouse space.

The Center houses laboratories designed and maintained for plant tissue culture, microbiology, genetic engineering and functional genomics, and plant-insect interactions. These laboratories are fully equipped to support basic and applied research of plant genetics and interactions with insects, microorganisms, nematodes and abiotic factors.

RAPC greenhouse

Three separate greenhouse ranges provide facilities for teaching and research. Two ranges are provided for general plant science research and teaching, and the third is operated for biological containment of experimental plants and plant pathogens. Separate receiving and preparation areas effectively isolate each facility. The sixteen greenhouse modules operate with independent environmental controls programmed to suit the needs of individual research projects.

Walk-in and cabinet style growth chambers provide a total of 500 square feet of plant growth space for precision environmental control of experiments.


Additional features

  • Offices for faculty, staff and students
  • Conference room
  • Plant inoculation and dew chamber facilities
  • Cold rooms for seed, soil, plant tissue and other biological materials
  • Weather station interface with greenhouse controls
  • Horticulture teaching and display gardens
  • Quarantine facility for imported rice germplasm
  • Resident facility manager with research experience.
  • Faculty advisory committee to oversee the facility.


Rosen at night