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Application for Plant Growth Facilities

Assignments of plant growth facilities for research and teaching will be made by the RAPC Management Committee in response to proposals submitted electronically to the facility manager on one of the following space request forms:

The RAPC Management Committee will assign space for approved proposals pending availability of space. Space will be allocated to projects best fitting the mission and objectives of the Rosen Center for Alternative Pest Control.

There will be no permanent assignments of space. Projects requiring facilities for greater than a year must undergo an RAPC Management Committee review in December of each year. An extension can be obtained only by submission of a new RAPC use proposal at least one month in advance of the original termination date.

Faculty wishing to utilize teaching greenhouse space must submit a request and describe the use of the space at least one semester prior to the intended start date.

There will be no sub-letting of RAPC facilities. Unused or unneeded space reverts back to RAPC for reassignment. Under no circumstances may modifications be made to any part of the RAPC facilities without authorization by the Management Committee. The facilities must be restored to their original condition at the end of the assigned use period.

Detailed space assignment policies are available in Sections I and II of the Rosen Center Policy and Management Guidelines: http://www.uaex.edu/division/docs/policies/pmgs-96-1.pdf .